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Recognizing the significant demand for support among third-party Amazon Sellers, Ed Rosenberg, an experienced Amazon seller himself, created ASGTG with the intention of providing specialized support to the third-party Amazon Sellers community.

Before ASGTG, sellers facing issues detrimental to their businesses, or account suspensions, had nowhere to seek assistance, resulting in escalating financial challenges that oftentimes resulted in businesses going under.

This all changed with the arrival of ASGTG. It became the go-to place for professional support tailored specifically for third-party Amazon Sellers. This support became crucial for sellers facing issues or account suspensions, by offering guidance and assistance to help sellers navigate through challenges effectively.

With a membership of thousands of professional sellers, ASGTG plays a vital role in supporting the seller community, providing professional guidance and financial stability by helping mitigate the financial risks associated with account suspensions. It also fosters a sense of community among sellers by providing a platform for interaction and collaboration, where sellers can share insights, exchange experiences, and learn from one another, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of individual businesses within the larger community.


As the founder of the ASGTG, Ed is an Amazon Compliance and Suspension Specialist renowned as a leading authority in the realm of Amazon-related matters. With a strong focus on supporting and advocating for Amazon Sellers alongside other e-commerce professionals, Ed heads a dynamic and influential Amazon Sellers group credited with helping thousands of third-party sellers, including those ranked among the top 200 in the community, through the challenges of Amazon suspension and compliance hurdles.

He is also the visionary behind, a globally recognized brand specializing in motorcycle and marine audio equipment.

ASGTG Founder