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With over 20 years of online selling experience, I understand the distress of an Amazon suspension firsthand. This is why I established the ASGTG.

I have personally handled more suspensions in recent years than anyone else in the industry, which means that engaging my services will significantly increase your chances of reinstatement.

Just keep in mind that while I will do whatever is within my power to help get you reinstated, success is not always guaranteed as I do not have final authority.

However, the vast majority of cases I’ve managed have resulted in reinstatement.

ASGTG/ Effyzaz Inc terms of services.

Suspended Account


Blocked ASIN Recovery

Ignoring an Amazon ASIN restriction notification can lead to further consequences from Amazon. Let’s avoid that.


FBA Inventory Reconciliation: Now Powered by Rightfully

Stop losing profits - reclaim what's rightfully yours today with our Amazon FBA Reconciliation service. Apply now to get started!


Vendor Central Fee Reconciliation

Vendor central sellers! Dont miss this opportunity to get money back


Book a consult for direction with an Ecom expert

Book a call to discuss Anything Amazon /E-commerce Related with an Expert in that field


Rights Owner Complaints

Even most established Amazon sellers can be jeopardized by just one Owner Right complaint. We’ll make sure this won’t happen.


Monthly Retainer Account Health Dashboard

ASGTG team as your in-house team to appeal your account health issues including ASIN issues and RO complaints. Pay a flat fee per month and keep us on retainer


Amazon Graphics and Videos Service: Powered by Dobby Ads

Your one-stop-shop for all creative services is now available in a click. Get Amazon visuals that sell without the hefty price tag.


Approval Consulting Service

Need Approvals (Catagory, sub cat, brand, asin, etc)? We Can Assist You! We will help you prepare and help you submit the documentation for approvals.


Other Amazon Issues / Account Health Clean-ups/ Shipping Abilities Suspension

Account Health Clean-ups/Amazon Lending/ Merchant Fulfilled /Shipping Abilities Suspension/ All Other Amazon help


Ebay / Walmart / Misc Suspensions

Contact Ed to Work on Having it Reinstated!