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Amz Accountant LLC

Full-Service tax, accounting, and business Advisory CPA firm for Amazon sellers and other E-commerce businesses.


New York City | United States of America

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Book keeping

Our cloud bookkeeping platform keeps your financials up to date. Real-time access to data gives you, the business owner, flexibility to get the numbers you need, whenever you need them. Our bookkeeping experts are here to make sure you’re never in the dark about your company’s financial health. We ensure proper recognition of revenue and expenses. Accurate balance sheet and income statements prepared monthly. Adjusting entries to reconcile bank statements to books. Reconciling amazon fees to books ensuring proper expense allocation. Ensuring accurate recording of COGS (cost of goods sold)

European Accounting/ taxes

We help foreign businesses get set up in the United States. Enity Formation Federal and State income tax Foreign US filing requirnments Application for EIN# Openings Banking accounts Merchant services

Financial Reporting

So now that your bookkeeping and ecommerce accounting is in good shape, now what? Having accurate financials is only one step, what can you derive from those numbers to change the future and increase your bottom line? We have experience doing things beyond sales tax nexus, ecommerce accounting , and advanced payroll systems. We also offer a number of entreprenuer mentoring services: Product Profit analysis per SKU/product. Plan for future growth and expenses with budgeting and forecasting. Better manage and understand your day-to-day cash flow. Utilizing key financial ratios to determine overall performance/health of your business. Risk management in business decisions and moves.

US Taxes

Our team has decades of experience with the U.S. tax system, including communicating with the IRS and various state & local agencies on behalf of our clients. We also have some of the best tax preparation and research software to make sure we’re always current with the ever-changing laws and ahead of the game. Individual, LLC, corporate and partnership tax preparation Tax planning so you can keep more of what you make International tax planning and compliance Ongoing support on developing tax strategies and changes in regulations Representation in case you receive a tax bill or audit notice from any tax agency

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