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Blynk Consulting

Get traffic to your website. Put your website to work!
Google Ads ~ Shopify sites ~ PPC & SEO Marketing ~ Email Marketing


Lakewood, NJ | United States of America

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Aron Lev
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E-commerce Marketing
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Marketing consultants

ROI is key, it's everything to a growing business. We'll guide you into finding the right channel to market & grow your website profitably.


Setting up PPC Ads to perform is a thorough task that requires lots of oversight and attention to detail where if not setup or maintained properly funds can run dry without seeing a return.

We'll help you manage & maintain your PPC account profitably.


Training search engines to put your website ahead of your competitors is something that takes skilled work to get the job done. With lots of experience helping businesses grow their website online we're ready to do the ame for your business.

Web Design

A successful website is made of simple factors, it's:

  • CONSISTENT — Reflects your brand through copy & design.
  • CONVINCING - Persuades your customers that your product is the best for their needs.
  • INTUITIVE — Smoothly guides your customers towards a purchase with straightforward UX.
  • WELL BUILT — Developed on a solid foundation that allows for optimization, refinement, while handling growth.

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