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Deal Ventures

Deal Ventures is a well-known FBA business broker that helps sellers exit successfully, with maximum valuations and profits. We are well connected with many Amazon Aggregators which raised billions to invest in those stores. We represent businesses for sale of different sizes, starting from an equity value of 100K$, and we work closely with different types of buyers. How do we work? 1. The seller fills questionnaire and presents its business, which usually takes about 20-30 minutes. 2. We conduct a video meeting 3. After validation and qualifications, a P&L report will be filled by the seller. 4. Our team will conduct a detailed business analysis, to help the buyers to evaluate the store. 5. We approach confidentially with our relevant buyers for the specific categories and budgets. 6. We help with the "Deal Ventures" and represent our clients in the process. 7. We handle the assets' transfer to the buyers.


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