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Epsilon Safety & Quality Consulting

Often a customer has test reports and other regulatory and safety paperwork, but Amazon or other e-commerce platforms won’t accept them. Let me figure out why and what to do about it. Sometimes it is something simple. Other times it is more complex.
Other customers don’t have any testing. I can help you get the testing and paperwork that you need. Or design a full inspection and testing program for you.
I have worked for about 25 years in laboratories, and have experience with engineering, chemistry and thermal testing, quality systems, and regulations affecting a wide range of consumer products in multiple countries.
I have worked with manufacturers and importers of toys, jewelry, children’s products, medical devices, dietary supplements, OTC drugs, cosmetics, textiles, crafts and have helped Amazon sellers meet regulations and deal with Amazon when they won’t accept their submitted documents, no matter which lab did the testing.


New Jersey | United States of America

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David Esral
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Marketplace Compliance (Suspensions, ASINS blocked, etc.), Specialty E-Commerce Consultants, Factory Inspections/ Product Compliance

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