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ERKA PREP – Your Trusted Fulfillment Partner

ERKA PREP is dedicated to enhancing the logistics operations of e-commerce businesses with our comprehensive fulfillment services. Based in North Brunswick, New Jersey, we offer advanced warehouse management solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment is to ensure seamless and efficient fulfillment processes.

Our Services Include:
• FBA Fulfillment: Our base price of $0.99 per unit includes a range of complimentary services such as bundling/kitting up to 5 pieces, FBA labeling, item prep, and thorough quality checks.
• FBM and eCommerce Fulfillment: Efficient processing and shipping directly to your customers.
• Storage Solutions: First month free, then $40 per pallet, with prorated fees for less than pallet usage.

We pride ourselves on our speed and reliability, guaranteeing preparation and shipment of products within 24 hours. Our dedicated team and state-of-the-art warehouse management software ensure your orders are handled with utmost care and precision.

Pricing Overview:
• Bundling/Kitting: Complimentary for up to 5 pieces.
• FBA Labeling: Included, covering all labeling requirements.
• FBA Item Prep: Comprehensive preparation included.
• Quality Check: Detailed inspection included.
• Storage Fee: First month free, $40 per pallet thereafter, with adjustable fees based on space usage.

Choose ERKA PREP for reliable, cost-effective, and efficient fulfillment solutions that elevate your e-commerce operations.


New Jersey | United States of America

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Ertugrul Kaya
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+1 (732) 763-6161
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Warehousing / FBA Prep
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Requests Received:
At ERKA PREP, our Bundling/Kitting service is included in the base price of $0.99 for FBA fulfillment. This complimentary service allows for bundling/kitting of up to 5 pieces per package, ensuring your products are presented neatly and securely. We handle every detail to meet Amazon's FBA requirements, enhancing your customers' experience with organized and efficient packaging. Trust us to streamline your logistics and elevate your product presentation.
FBA item Labelling
ERKA PREP offers a comprehensive FBA Labeling service as part of our $0.99 base price for FBA fulfillment. We ensure accurate and compliant labeling of your products, meeting all Amazon FBA requirements. Our meticulous process includes FNSKU labeling, poly bagging, and additional label stickers, guaranteeing your items are ready for Amazon's fulfillment centers. Rely on our expertise to streamline your labeling needs and ensure a smooth, efficient fulfillment process.
FBA Item Prep
ERKA PREP provides a thorough FBA Item Prep service to ensure your products meet Amazon's stringent requirements. Included in our $0.99 base price for FBA fulfillment, our service covers all aspects of item preparation: • Receiving and Inspection: Careful acceptance and inspection of your packages. • Repacking and Labeling: Secure repacking and precise labeling, including FNSKU and additional labels. • Poly Bagging and Bubble Wrapping: Protective packaging to maintain product integrity. • Expiry Date Checks and Photography: Detailed checks for expiry dates and high-quality product photos. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your items are fully compliant and ready for Amazon's fulfillment centers, streamlining your logistics and ensuring a seamless fulfillment process.
Quality Check
At ERKA PREP, we prioritize the quality and integrity of your products with our meticulous Quality Check service. Included in our $0.99 base price for FBA fulfillment, this service ensures: • Thorough Inspection: Detailed examination of each item for defects or damage. • Accuracy Verification: Confirmation that products meet your specifications and Amazon’s standards. • Expiry Date Verification: Careful checking of expiration dates to ensure compliance. Our rigorous quality checks guarantee that only the best products reach your customers, enhancing their satisfaction and reducing the risk of returns. Trust ERKA PREP to uphold the highest standards for your inventory.
At ERKA PREP, we offer flexible and cost-effective storage solutions for your inventory. Enjoy the first month of storage for free, allowing you to manage your stock without immediate extra costs. After the first month, our storage fee is $40 per pallet. If your products consume less space than a full pallet, we will adjust the fee accordingly to ensure you only pay for the space you use. Our goal is to provide efficient and economical storage options to support your business needs.

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