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EZCLOUD Restocking system

Stay in stock, process shipments, and keep your
BSR with our Restock tool. We share the raw data
so you can make informed decisions based on all
factors. Don’t guess or only listen to Amazon’s
recommendation on how much inventory you need
to send. Use our powerful algorithm to find how
much stock you really need for 30, 60, or 90 days
of inventory. Set your own average stock targets
and easily filter based on brands, vendors, and
product availability.


NY | United States of America

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Jacob rottenberg
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(315) 925-6830
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Our Restock System accurately tracks inventory to make sure the right amount is always in stock on Amazon or your local sales synced from ship station. Daily reports automatically gather data from Amazon and use statistical tracking to make accurate inventory recommendations based on your sales and estimated inventory needed over a specific period of time. Select custom date ranges to get data tailored to your needs, so you can always keep your best-selling items in stock and avoid buying products that are no longer selling fast enough. Receive daily alerts for items that will run out of stock in 14 days based on the prior 30 day sales trend. 

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