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What does ‘entrepreneur’ mean to you? For most of us in e-commerce, it means getting away from the daily grind of a brick and mortar – those hours spent growing someone else’s company – and instead, creating a business that works for you, so you’re free to enjoy life.

If you have an E-Commerce business on Amazon, Walmart or Ebay and find yourself devoting hours to essential but tedious tasks like restocking, constantly adjusting prices and filing for reimbursements (or if you’re not on top of these important tasks due to a lack of time) – our automation software can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, all while growing your business.

We have over 10 ready-made programs, but here’s a sneak peek at our three most popular automation tools for streamlining your online business.

Automatically calculates the exact price needed for your listings so you’re not losing the sale due to a price that’s too high or undercutting your profits with a price that’s too low. Includes features that cover marketplace and shipping fees, currency conversions, product costs and custom age rules to automatically lower your margin if the product is not moving within a selected time frame (so you gain sales and avoid paying storage fees). Automatically adjusts if Amazon fulfillment fee is changed. Built to work seamlessly with Amazon Repricers, eBay, Walmart/WFS, Shopify and more.

Our Restock System accurately tracks inventory to make sure the right amount is always in stock on Amazon or your local sales synced from ship station. Daily reports automatically gather data from Amazon and use statistical tracking to make accurate inventory recommendations based on your sales and estimated inventory needed over a specific period of time. Select custom date ranges to get data tailored to your needs, so you can always keep your best-selling items in stock and avoid buying products that are no longer selling fast enough. Receive daily alerts for items that will run out of stock in 14 days based on the prior 30 day sales trend.

Our expert virtual assistants specialize in FBA reimbursements and use advanced reporting software to analyze all the available Amazon data to get you the maximum number of potential reimbursements available. We do not take a commission on reimbursed funds – 100% of the reimbursements goes to you.

As a small software company, we’re able to offer personalized service and collaborate with you to modify features and functionality of our existing software to align with your unique business needs. Our team is committed to implementing modifications immediately – even if you’re the only customer making the request.
We also make custom programs and can make any automation tool-set you need based on your unique business and processes.

· 1000+ Amazon Customers
· 10+ Ready-made Programs
· 75+ Programs Built
· 30+ Developers
· 4 Dedicated Project Managers
· 7 Action Packed Years of Operation
· No hidden fees

We even have a free tool so you can take time off for Shabbat and holidays.
If you’ve ever heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder” this is what they were talking about. If you want to spend less time micromanaging your online business and have more money to show for it, automation software is a powerful tool you need to try. Take the guesswork out of pricing, restocking and reimbursements, and finally live the dream – where you sit back and watch the money flow into your e-commerce business without losing hour’s every-day to menial tasks.

Work less and gain more with EZ Cloud.


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Walmart Repricer

Keeping the Buy Box can be easy with our Walmart

Repricer Tool. Configure pricing options, match or

beat your competition, or keep compliance with MAP

pricing. Walmart will unpublish your listing if they

don’t think it’s competitive with other marketplaces.

Our repricer handles unpublished listings for you.

Easily track all changes with a calendar view for

analyzing your price movements.


As we focus on

one marketplace,

Walmart, you

can trust us as

your experts.

Our knowledge

for the Walmart

Marketplace is



We offer the personalized and customized service

that’s only attainable when working directly with the

software consultant and developer. As a small custom

software development company, we’ll collaborate

with you to modify features and functionality of our

existing software to align with your business needs

and processes

Avoid long upgrade and enhancement waits, working

with an expedient team committed to implementing

modifications immediately — even if you’re the only

customer requesting it. We also handle all technical

support issues in-house, so you’re assured optimal

business continuity and productivity. We go the

extra mile, making sure every support ticket is fully

reviewed by the program developer because they’re

the most qualified to advise on the best resolution.

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