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Fillify was designed by eight-figure Amazon sellers to help sellers streamline their operation. The concepts behind Fillify have been developed and refined over the years, and are now being made available to you! There are no other applications or solutions that can help sellers manage their FBA inventory processing in a scalable way until now. With Fillify you can:
• Create FBA shipments in seconds for hundreds of products
• Easily print labels for one product at a time and track what has been printed
• Track what has been processed on a product level
• Print labels on a roll for more efficient label application
• No label waste
• Supply box content info for every box without extra steps or creating templates in Seller Central
• Upload and store BOLs and invoices when shipments are completed for easier shipment reconciling

From creating your shipments, to ensuring every unit on your shipments is accounted for at Amazon, Fillify is the one solution available to help you scale your FBA inventory processing. Scale your FBA business today with Fillify!

• Increase product labeling production by up to 3x or more
• Create FBA shipments in seconds and avoid the hassle of creating case pack templates
• Supports any number of users in your operation
• Easily track labels printed by SKU and user
• Provide box content information without any forms or templates to fill out
• Quickly generate product and box labels for FBA shipments
• Avoid costly mistakes like mislabeling, or missing items on shipments
• Avoid paying heavy prep, labeling and box content fees


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