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I am an FBA Seller and have been for 3 years now. I also was sick of poor quality, thin bags that stick and cling to me, my bride, our prep areas and inventory. To solve the frustration, I reinvented a line of poly bags that has revolutionized the poly bags as we know them. These have been called “The Lamborghini of poly bags!”

Our line of poly bags surpass the quality of other bags on the market. As an experienced FBA RA/OA/WS store owner, one of the biggest problems I dealt with was poor quality of poly bags. Taping down flaps, poor adhesive, rips and tears, and plastic tear-off strips that stuck to hands and inventory slowed down my production and became frustrating.

With five sizes currently available and new sizes to come, we are confident that you will find our poly bags better than any on the market.
• Saves You Time – Prepping is faster and easier. Each bag has its size printed on it.
• Saves You Money! – Better quality bags have less waste and a lower defect rate.
• Thicker Bags – 2 mil thick vs. 1.5 mil means stronger bags and more protection.
• Less Tearing – Better quality bags resist tearing while prepping.
• Non-static, Tear Away Strips – Our strips will not cling to you or your inventory.
• From 100 to 100,000+ – Ideal for prep centers, Big Box Retail distribution centers, fulfillment centers and Amazon sellers.
• Exceeds Amazon’s Requirements – For FBA Inventory including clothing, grocery, liquids, plush toys, multi-packs, bundles and health and beauty items.
• Free Shipping – On every Continental United States order.

We do not cut corners on quality or production. Our customers trust the quality of our bags each time they use them.
We believe our poly bags will become a household name for FBA sellers. We are confident that you will love our bags too!


Corona, CA | United States of America

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Johnathan Swart
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Warehousing / FBA Prep, Product Packaging
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3.175% off all orders of 15,000 bags of a single size
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