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India Sourcing Network

India Sourcing Network is your trusted sourcing partner in India. We offer Done For You Sourcing services and organize group and private sourcing tours. ⚡️ India Sourcing Trip is a unique 8-day immersive sourcing tour that combines learning, sourcing and cultural experiences. You will discover best practices in sourcing, negotiating, logistics, quality control, branding and more at a full-day conference featuring experts from India and around the world. Plus, you'll see thousands of products at an export-focused sourcing fair, and have direct access to a team of sourcing experts to help navigate India. Prepare for an experience that attendees have described as "The Trip of a Lifetime"! ⚡️ With our Done For You Sourcing Service, we manage the entire sourcing process for you - including finding the right suppliers, negotiating, sampling, placing orders, payments, facilitating logistics, and most importantly quality control. This service ensures quality products, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries for brands sourcing from India & Vietnam. We work for all types of global companies, from start-ups to large retailers. Our team has a collective sourcing experience of over 100 years, and has worked for well-known brands across the globe like H&M, Pottery Barn, Superdry and IKEA.


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