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Marketing by Emma

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Create conversion-spiking Amazon listings and website copy that makes people want to click "Add to Cart!" Since 2016, Marketing by Emma has proudly helped over 2,000 businesses from around the world to boost their sales and build their brands. Through our commitment to exceptional quality, we've also proudly earned recommendations from some of the top names in the eCommerce and Amazon space. Contact us today and get copy that will help you boost conversions and help you stand out from the crowd!


Las Vegas, Nevada | United States of America

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Emma Schermer Tamir, Erez Tamir
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Listing Creation / Cataloging, Specialty E-Commerce Consultants, E-commerce Marketing
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2 Free Photo Text With Your First Amazon Listing Optimization Purchase
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Listing Optimization

Stand out from the competition and send your sales soaring with SEO-optimized Amazon listings.

Marketing consultants

Hone in on your competitive edge, teach your team how to create conversion-spiking Amazon listings, and more.

A+ Pages (EBC Content Writing And Imaging)

Transform your A+ Content to differentiate your brand, build excitement, and make people want to buy.

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