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Seller Labs

Seller Labs is a platform for digital businesses to drive revenue, build community and gain insights through data, software, and services. Through its software applications, Seller Labs Pro and X-Cart, we help navigate the nuanced complexities of selling on Amazon or your own eCommerce channel. In an ever-changing eCommerce environment, Seller Labs provides an affordable and scalable solution to meet your digital needs today, tomorrow and into the future.


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Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products Ads, Sponsored Brands Ads, A+/Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon Stores… the opportunities for sales and branding on Amazon are endless — and complicated. Don’t waste your time or money going it alone. Our experts will build a tailored ad strategy that works for your business.

Listing Optimization

Selling on Amazon is much more than just a product and a listing. You need to make sure buyers find your product and that they want to buy it based on what they’ve found. A good listing isn’t good enough. Let us do the research and help you develop listings that rank high and convert well.


Build advertising campaigns that convert.

Seller Labs PRO is the premiere Amazon PPC software that scales to your specific advertising needs using smart AI algorithms. With the Advertising Center within Seller Labs PRO, you’ll have access to your specific advertising formula and understand what, how and why it works for you (and nobody else).

Understand your data better.

Store up to two years of historical data to identify trends, improve automated optimozation, and assign the smartest keywords to the products your customers are searching for on a manual basis, giving you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Take action where (and when) you’re trending.

Manage sponsored ads and sponsored products side by side, get more data than what’s available on your Amazon account, and schedule ads at the most profitable time to maximize conversion.

Optimize your ad performance.

Review your best performing campaigns, easily replicate profitable campaigns to increase revenue and reduce time, and reduce clutter by assigning campaign groups with filtered data sets for maximum capability.

Amazon account monitoring software

It takes a lot to run your business, so ensure you are spending your time where it matters most. The Start Your Day Dashboard shows key data, alerts, metrics and more, all at a glance, allowing you to focus on the right parts of your business.

  • Monitor goal progress
  • View recent sales numbers
  • See critical alerts and suggestions
  • Monitor daily ad performance

With the right information at your fingertips, every day becomes a productive day.

There’s plenty to do, but not every task will move the needle. To focus your energy where it counts, you need the right data. And you need to be able to access it without a lot of hassle.

With the Start Your Day Dashboard, your to-do list is automated for you. See the metrics that matter most. Easily jump to more detailed reports. Understand how your business is performing with one single view.

Feedback requesting

Not all Amazon feedback software is created equal. Our Communication Center, powered by Feedback Genius, was designed to give you control over your Amazon review process wherever you sell. Plus, we help you take back ownership of your reputation with messaging templates, automated sending schedules, detailed analytics, and more.

Communicate with Buyers Internationally

Your business is global as so are we. Don’t worry about extra fees, you get unlimited emails and unlimited marketplaces allowing you to communicate and generate reviews globally. In addition, you can track as many products as necessary to monitor reviews and feedback.

Connect With Your Customers

Implement automated, Amazon-approved email messages that grow your Amazon reviews, share product information, and build your reputation with feedback directly from your customers. Get a bad review? We can alert you with review notifications to assist unhappy buyers.

Improve Your Messaging Workflow

Utilize one of our pre-created email templates, or create your own with your copy and design. You can also get organized with tags and advanced filters, allowing you to focus the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Make Strategic Decisions

Rely on detailed email analytics and A/B testing to navigate the most successful email messaging for your customers. You’ll also get the option to send emails with up to eight different order events, improving your email open and click-through rates.

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