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Sellers Back Office handles 4 aspects of every amazon sellers business. Forecasting Overseas logistics management FBA replenishments Bookkeeping SBO plugs into your business and accounts for all your inventory whether they are in China, in transit, in your 3PL, or FBA and we gauge that against your sales velocity to forecast your inventory in the most accurate way possible. Once that’s done we place your order follow up on it and arrange shipment of your goods from China to the USA. Once your container has arrived in the USA our work continues by working with customs brokers to have your container released ASAP. Meanwhile were coordinating with your truckers to have the container shipped to FBA or your 3PL. Our work doesn’t stop there, we constantly monitor your inventory in FBA and arrange replenishments from your 3PL to FBA whenever your inventory falls short of the predetermined amount of days worth of stock that you like to keep in FBA. Now that we are plugged into your business at such an advanced level were able to provide bookkeeping as well! With SBO doing your books you can expect to know your COGS, monthly inventory assets, projected 30-60-90 days expenses, all payments recorded in QuickBooks, and many more reports that you may have not even have known would be so crucial for your Amazon business. SBO is tailor-made for your business, meaning if you don’t want us talking to your factories or another part of our service you would like us not to be involved in, were ok with that and happy to split our services up we are not a one size fits all service.


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