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V-Trust Inspection Service

We are specialists in the quality control sector offering an array of cost-effective quality control such as product inspections, factory auditing solutions, laboratory testing and product certification. Clients can integrate V-Trust services for their convenience and peace of mind. With over sixteen years of experience and having international accreditation and certification, V-Trust covers all product categories from electrical, hard goods, soft goods, industrial, chemical, food, and agriculture. You name it; V-Trust has inspected it! V-Trust has over 300 full-time inspectors in China as well as main export areas of India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Bangladesh and we do not hire part-time of self-employed causal alternatives. Our engineers have minimum two years experience and are university educated, trustworthy and reliable. V-Trust customers enjoy the below benefits: BOOK ONLINE: You can now book your desired services online. PERSONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER: Multiple language speaking and contactable outside of regular office hours. QUICK AND EFFICIENT SERVICES: Quotations within 24 hours, reports with 6 to 24 hours after inspection, free laboratory test consultations. COST EFFECTIVE: We do not have the overheads of operating globally, meaning we can pass on these savings to clients in the form of attractive and competitive pricing. ANTI-BRIBERY POLICY: V-Trust has had successful anti-bribery measures in place for over a decade to ensure long-term and trustworthy partnerships and success. For more information please feel free to contact us: +86 135 00005434 We look forward to helping you with quality control in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Bangladesh.


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