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Azon Tracker Pro

Google Sheets integration tool that helps to instantly push Amazon and Non-Amazon data instantly into users’ Google sheets.
Azon Tracker Pro helps to push data not just from Amazon but all other websites so users can use it while doing research from any website. This can be helpful while doing Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label
Once a product is identified on Amazon, users can click to push the data to a Google sheet and later once they find the supplier contact, etc can click and push that information also to the same row in the Google sheet. Besides just saving data this tool has many other features as well that allow the users to send and view data from their Google Sheet without having to go back and forth.
This extension can be a big time-saver since sellers are currently usually copying and pasting or typing data into Google sheets to keep track of their inventory, leads or any research tasks.
This tool is built specifically for Amazon Sellers and can help save time with any tasks where the user needs to enter or paste data to a spreadsheet.
Online arbitrage and Wholesale sellers like to use this tool to keep track of their leads, purchases, and inventory during different phases of the business including managing the inventory data that is pushed to Prep centers and outsourced warehouses.
For PL sellers it helpful during the research phase and later for keeping tracking of keywords etc.
Azon Tracker Pro can be easily customized to each seller’s needs.


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