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Brand Salt Marketing

Brand Salt Marketing helps wholesalers, manufacturers, and retail brands expand their business via Amazon. We offer full account management services for businesses looking to outsource their operation on Amazon rather than hire in-house. We also offer a full range of “a la carte” services for smaller sellers and private label sellers. Our most popular services are product research, listing optimization, and PPC set-up/management.


Jerusalem | Israel

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Steve Lederer
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Listing Creation / Cataloging, Advertising Optimization (Amazon), Amazon Store management
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Brand Store Creation And Management

We work with brands and their advertising team to create storefronts which not only show off your brand and products but actually increase sales and boost slow sellers.

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We use a combination of AI software and manual management. This gives us the most flexibility and results in the benefits of AI management combined with human accountability. Don't get stuck with the standard answer of "that's how the software works".

Complete Account Management

We manage every aspect of Amazon accounts for manufacturers, importers, and retail brands. Our service is geared towards businesses looking to expand on Amazon but who lack the time, knowledge, or in-house team to do so effectively. We charge fees for content and a retainer + % for ongoing management.

A+ Pages (EBC Content Writing And Imaging)

Our goal in enhancing images and creating A+ content is to create content which sells your product so that the customer does not need to read any text to make the decision to buy.

Please feel free to see our examples on our website or contact us for more.

Content writing

I have over 6 years of Amazon experience directly managing all aspects of Amazon accounts. This means that our approach to optimizing listings is a holistic approach which takes into account keyword targeting strategy and advertising and not simply copy writing. We use Helium10, Brand Analytics, and our own internal excel fromulas that we've developed to focus on the most strategic keywords for your listing.

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