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Based in California but serving the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses across the world, ESQgo, PC offers a wide array of intellectual property services to meet the demands of the modern commercial world. With a focus on the unique challenges of e-commerce, we work closely with sellers and other businesses, from startup to growth. If you are looking to start a business, facing a specific challenge, or want to protect your intellectual property, reach out to us to discuss how we can help.

We work with Amazon and Walmart sellers to help them protect and grow their businesses. We the following services to our clients:

-Responding to account and product suspensions
-Responding to disputes from competitors and customers
-Brand protection including patent, copyright, and trademark registration
-Pursuing intellectual property infringement claims

One of the things that makes ESQgo unique is our founder. Mario Simonyan is an experienced and incredibly knowledgeable IP lawyer. Before founding ESQgo, Mario built and sold two seven-figure Amazon businesses. As a result, he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges modern businesses face, particularly when it comes to e-commerce. His knowledge and experience, both as a lawyer and an entrepreneur, are woven into the very fabric of our firm. Mario and his team bring modern legal solutions to the problems that modern businesses encounter in today’s global marketplace, both online and in the real world.


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Amazon Arbitration

In the excitement of starting launching their business on Amazon, many sellers are unaware they are giving up important legal rights. One of these rights is the right to file a lawsuit against Amazon for damages. Instead, you are obligated to submit your dispute to binding arbitration with the American Arbitration Association (AAA). While arbitration is advantageous in many ways, you will still need to prove your case in order to get the outcome you are hoping for. As a result, you should strongly consider working with an Amazon arbitration lawyer from ESQgo, PC. 

Brand Protection & Assistance

If you have any sort of business, you know brand protection is vital when it comes to building customer confidence. Counterfeiters and imposters will try to capitalize on your reputation by delivering ostensibly the same product or service at a lower cost, but unfortunately at a lower quality. When this happens, your brand suffers while they capture the profits that should have been yours. Obtaining and actively defending a trademark can be a key component of your brand protection. An experienced trademark attorney from ESQgo can help you get the trademark protection you need as well as defend it should someone infringe upon your rights. 

Trademark lawyers

At ESQgo, we help businesses decide what protection they need for their brand. Whether you are wondering if you should register your trademark or want to understand your rights if someone else is infringing on your trademark, contact us today to discuss how we can help.   

Amazon Suspensions

Business is booming for Amazon and this includes independent sellers. If you’re a seller on Amazon, you know that you have to play by their rules. Unfortunately, Amazon can suspend your account if they suspect that you have violated their terms of service. Even worse, these suspensions occur with minimal investigation, meaning that many of these suspensions are baseless. If your account is suspended, your business quickly grinds to a halt. An Amazon suspension lawyer from ESQgo, PC can help you get your account reinstated as quickly as possible so that you can resume your business operations. 

Special Situations

Synthetic Arbitration “SynArb”: Our Unique Solution to Seller Disputes with Amazon

If you have a dispute concerning your Amazon business, your options are unfortunately limited. Many of these disputes can’t be resolved with Amazon directly and result in arbitration. While arbitration does present some attractive advantages when compared to litigation, it does follow a set process that can sometimes take on a life of its own. In addition, there are fees and expenses associated with arbitration in addition to any legal fees you may incur. Sometimes you need a more forward-thinking approach that saves you time and money. If you are a seller and are locked in a complex dispute with Amazon, contact an Amazon lawyer at ESQgo before you begin the arbitration process – we offer a unique solution for our clients.

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