Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refundsĀ  | July 31 NYC Event

EZCLOUD FBA Reimbursement Tool

Don’t leave money on the table that Amazon owes you.

Use our expertly trained virtual assistants. Who specialize in FBA reimbursements to find all the money Amazon owes you. With over 9 years of experience analyzing Amazon reimbursement cases and safety claims, we have a proven history of maximizing reimbursements from Amazon. Our team uses advanced reporting software to analyze all available Amazon data to find the maximum number of potential reimbursements.

Individual support for individual cases to get maximum results.

Having more than six years of experience with helping sellers find and get back the money they are owed by Amazon. We now cover 10+ types of reimbursement issues. We don’t take commission on the reimbursements collected. We simply bill an hourly rate. We handle these reimbursement issues:

Inbound Shipments
Lost or Damaged Inventory
Destroyed Inventory
Inventory Reconciliation
Incorrect Reimbursements
Order Returns – Not Returned
Order Returns – Not Added Back to Inventory
Wrong Fulfillment or Referral Fee
Find Wrong Monthly Storage Fees
Plus SAFE-T Claims
…and many more!

You get all this expertise for a flat $16 per hour, or saving money by purchasing hourly credits and receive bulk discounts.

These credits never expire and you can take as long as you need to use your hourly credits. We also believe the credits belong to you so you can use them on your multiple Amazon accounts without needing to buy more credits for each account.

Get the money
Amazon owes you, today!
Just $16 per hour
Or save when you select the following slots:
25-hour slot $ 375 SAVE $ 25
50-hour slot $ 700 SAVE $ 100
100-hour slot $1,350 SAVE $ 250


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