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Mark Weisz Design

Excellent branding will set your product apart. For over 40 years clients have come to Mark Weisz Design to develop branding that sells. With a wealth of experience, MWD continues to help clients and their brands leverage today’s technology and adapt packaging strategies to ever-evolving market trends. In the cluttered world of e-commerce, the retail ‘experience’ has been distilled into the moment when your box arrives at the customer's doorstep. Product presentation and the consumer experience when opening that box is today’s equivalent to the customer walking into your store. Consumers should be delighted by their experience, because this is your chance to stand apart, and secure a repeat customer. The well branded package can generate a sense of overall superiority and trust. Customers will pay more and return again when they feel that they have received a superior product, and premium branding can convey this distinction. Call us and let us show you how to thrive in this new and growing marketplace.


Lakewood, NJ | United States of America

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