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Do you want to close your eBay Amazon shop every Shabbat but it’s too time consuming to close it weekly before Candle lighting and then turn back on after Havdalah? If so then, this is the perfect product for you! With our system you can upload the date & time you want to close your eBay/Amazon shops and the time you want to turn them back on. Now you can just sit back and relax knowing you will not make any sales during shabbos! Sounds exactly like what you were looking for huh?
Shabbos mode will make it easy for you to keep the Sabbath/Holidays. When you use this program, you can relax as no sales will be made on the Sabbath/Holidays.

After you sign up, go to the Instruction page and follow the steps. Using Vacation Mode is as simple as entering in your zip code, candle lighting, and Havdalah times. The program will automatically turn off your online marketplaces at the set candle lighting time and turn them back on at Havdalah.

How does it work? For Amazon FBM and Walmart, the program changes your Merchant Fulfilled quantity to zero and back to the original number after the holiday. For FBA it sets the listing as inactive.For eBay, the program turns on Vacation setting and blocks purchases.


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turns on eBay vacation mode if you have a ebay store
it can retire items and unretire after a holiday or set qty to 0 and set back after yom tov

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