Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refundsĀ 


Shopkeeper automatically pulls and combines 72+ types of fees from your Seller Central account, to show you your true profits. No need to manually download and filter through multiple different reports from Amazon Seller Central anymore - Shopkeeper does it all for you. It takes into account various Amazon Fees, Storage costs, Manufacturing, Shipping, PPC costs, sales tax, VAT and many more. The key difference between Shopkeeper and other similar apps is that Shopkeeper is Simple. Other apps look like busy spreadsheets - it's not easy to quickly find what needs your attention. With Shopkeeper, you can just give it one glance and you are ready to make an important business decision based on the issue it has identified. Whether a product is overspending on PPC, or has an increased refund rate, or is overstocked and costing you extra in storage fees every month - you will be able to quickly pinpoint the problem and focus in on it, instead of spending your time working with excel spreadsheets and manually adding up your numbers. With Shopkeeper business dashboard, you will increase your profit margins and make more money in your Amazon business.



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