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1) You can no longer remove specific hijackers on your listing without a test buy.
If you’re claiming that “a product or detail page has been unlawfully using my TM”, you CANNOT select a specific seller, you can only remove the entire listing.
– your alternative, then, would be file a complaint based on the other reasons: “a product or a packaging has my trademark on it”, or “a product is counterfeit”. For both reasons, you need a TEST BUY. (HT Yael

2) New: Amazon Duplicate Cases Policy:

“Duplicate cases on the same issue are not permitted…If your issue is time sensitive, please flag your case as urgent for your seller support associate
The following duplicate case actions are not permitted:

New case seeking a different outcome than the one granted on an existing case
New case requesting a status update on an existing case
New case addressing a subset of the issue addressed in an existing case

If we detect duplicate cases, Amazon may limit your ability to reopen cases or raise new cases.”

Be careful of this.

3) I spoke with Michael Flemming again. The video has a lot of information regarding the recent Supreme Court Decision on sales tax: More information in coming weeks.


Discussed with Michael

a) Please explain the Supreme court ruling on South Carolina?
b) How does that rule affect Amazon for past sales?
c) What do you recommend Amazon sellers do in the near future considering this ruling?
d) Is the FBA nexus question no longer relevant?
e) What do I do if I get a letter from a state now?

Contact Sales Tax and More Team:

4) It is important to always respond to infringement/ RO Complaints/ Blocked ASIN notifications, even if plan on stopping to sell the ASIN in question. Failure to respond can lead to suspension.

5) DO NOT SELL Asmodee unless your 100% sure you can back it up with invoices. If you get a notice from Asmodee it is hard to fight. They have a system of testing the product before submitting the complaints and they are generally accurate. There seem to be real counterfeits of their products so be careful before selling (ie Ticket to Ride …. games). Very good invoices and proof are necessary to fight them.

6) The last part is new, “Rationale if you believe the notice…”
“Please reply to this case with your plan of action and include the following information:
— Proof of authenticity (e.g., invoice or Order ID) of infringing listings.
— The steps you have taken to ensure that you are no longer infringing and will not infringe in the future.
— Any other pertinent information
— Rationale if you believe the notice was submitted in error and that the notices are incorrect”

7) New: “We reviewed the information you provided, and we have decided not to disburse any funds to you. Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide details on our investigation methods.” If this happens you may need arbitration.

8) New policy for Buy Shipping packages safeguards your performance metrics:
“Starting May 8, 2018, if you ship a tracked order on time using Buy Shipping, and a buyer leaves feedback related to late or undelivered packages, you can ask for the feedback to be reviewed. If the review results in the feedback being struck-through, that feedback will not be counted in your negative feedback rate.”

9) New ASGTG group! As ASGTG members have odd hours, many are looking for chavrusas (Torah study partners). If you’re looking for one, join here. To join all groups, enter your email on this form. 

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


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