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Hello All,

1) As I warned last week, it is very risky to send Amazon invoices/ documents that were tampered with.

“We are writing to let you know that after reviewing your account, our reimbursements team found that falsified invoices were provided to verify proof of purchase in an attempt to secure reimbursements. This is against our policies. Your account will now be suspended …”

2) If you are looking to buy brand name closeouts before the holiday season, check out The Surplus You can email them at (sponsored ad)  (Our Telegram Vet deals group, is a good recourse to discuss possible RO issues and other possible pitfalls with specific brands. To get an invite link to this group, enter your email in this form. )

3) Washington state has finally made headway on the sales tax controversy.

“Amazon introduced the Marketplace Tax Collection service to automatically collect and remit sales tax on behalf of third-party sellers. Washington will be the first to use the service starting on Jan. 1, when a new internet sales tax law is enforced.”  ( CNBC )

Updates on other states and the MTC service to follow.

4) Our very own Avraham Eisenberg has developed a Google extension, that detects hazmat status of ASINs. He is now offering ASGTG members 50% off both their monthly and yearly subscription cost, using code Launch.

5) Recently the message across the top disappeared on some suspended accounts. This makes it seem like you’re no longer suspended. If you simply try to list an item, you will see the account is still suspended. This is a recent technical glitch. Do not read into it.

6) This is relatively rare.

“Your shipping abilities have been suspended due to multiple instances of failing to comply with Amazon’s safety requirement. The most recent issue, “Shipping Box Oversized”, was found on shipment ID XXX

7) A seller has informed me that Amazon Lending froze his inventory during a suspension.

8) This is relatively new language when an account is under review:

“We will contact you when we have completed our review. You can expect to hear from us as soon as possible.”

9) Sellers of Electronic in Germany have reported that Amazon has removed all listings and is requiring signing up on this link.

10) I created a new FB group “Amazon Sellers Funniest and most outrageous Seller / Product Feedback” Please join and post your feedback.

ED Rosenberg


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