Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All,

1) New: “We want to ensure you are working with your carriers to guarantee your packages are being scanned and shipped on time to provide the best customer experience. Should there be any situations that might affect your account health, feel free to email us in advance at” (HT RM)

2 New and Interesting: “We removed some of your listings from ASIN under “Generators” and/or “Water” from our site because it did not comply with Amazon’s Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy.”

3) If you need help finding profitable products to sell,  will work with you to source top selling products and get you a great margin. For help with new products or to get better wholesale prices on your current inventory, contact and schedule a free consultation. Email: 801-449-9662. (sponsored)

4) New!! “Amazon selling privileges not reinstated – Violation of Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy/variation abuse.”

5)   See This.  There is a post on the forums that says “I just got off the phone with California’s State Treasurer Fiona Ma. She responded in person to my letter and assured me that she is fighting for us all and that she is taking my story straight to the governor this week to get support to pass legislation that will protect us, small retailers”

6) There is a new Shopify/Magneto/other E-commerce Sites group.  Extremely necessary and helpful.

7) This is a response from New Jersey taxation authority in regards to filing quarterly sales tax returns if your only sales are from Amazon and they are sending in the sales tax payments in for you.
“Based on the information provided, the only products you sell are through Amazon and they are now collecting and remitting Sales Tax for your business. Filing a Sales and Use Tax return (ST-50) would not be required; however, you need to request to be placed on a non-reporting basis for Sales Tax. In order to be placed on a non-reporting basis for Sales Tax purposes, Form C-6205-ST , Request to Be Placed on a Non-Reporting Basis, must be completed and mailed to the Division.”

8) Here’s an article summing up and highlighting ASGTG event highlights  Thanks again to Viral Launch for sponsoring the event scribe, featured on top of the article. You can now get 15% off from Viral Launch by using code ASGTG19.

The event slides have been sent out to all attendees. If you were at the event and didn’t receive, please email me. The videos should be ready early next week. If you didn’t make it to this event, you can purchase on this link and hopefully come to the next event in person. We also posted some pictures of the event on the homage.  There is also a link to the full gallery of pictures

9) Those who were using Worldfirst, make sure to call Omega / WF to get your funds. They emailed all accounts with funds requesting you call. If you get that email, please call. There may be a small international account you never requested to transfer.

10) An example of a restricted product is “Rich Hemp Oil containing cannabidiol”. This seems to come up quite often. If your not sure you need to get it tested and have documentation that no CBD is included.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


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