Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All,

1⃣ Urgent! Multiple sellers have updated their bank accounts in the UK in the last 36 hours and were locked out. Do not update anything on .UK until this passes.

2⃣ “As we discussed, your Order Defect Rate is currently higher than the goal of 1%. As a result, your selling privileges will be removed within the next day.”

In order to appeal this enforcement, you will need to submit a viable Plan of Action (POA). Although your account is currently still active, I recommend you submit your POA as soon as possible as it will expedite this process and reduce your account downtime.” Interesting here – just one day was given. For infringement, they give 17 days.

3⃣ From a concerned ASGTG member:

If you can please mention in your email you send out to remind everyone to adjust the prices because the fees went up. I see a lot of people losing money now with the new fees. Thank you.

4⃣ Ed with Mike Seller Engine
SellerEngine Repricer

Discussed with Mike:
• What does repricing even mean, in terms Private Label/no competition products?
• When NOT to reprice your PL products
• When TO reprice your PL products
• If profit and/or higher sales velocity is the goal, what’s most effective?
• How can Sellery help?

5⃣ Important. Confirming an order and then refunding because you do not want your cancellation rate to pass the threshold is considered fraud. It is also a horrible customer experience. Please do not do that. It’s probably better to cancel the orders and then deal with the pre-cancellation rate being too high rather than confirming and then refunding.

6⃣ “My name is Sukhi, and I’m a member of the Amazon Seller Performance Escalations team. The Amazon US CEO, Jeff Bezos, received your e-mail and asked that I research this issue and respond on his behalf.” “The Amazon US CEO” is very rare.

7⃣ Next week I will be at the great Prosper show and I am honored to be on the Seller Performance Panel. Sign up on this link and discount code, rosenberg18 for discounted tickets. The videos for the ASGTG event will be sent out the end of next week when I return. If you were not there, they can be Purchased Here and I can mail you the handouts. Some photos on
Sellers are finding the search and daily post emails extremely useful. Sign up here please, ASGTG Group via Email. (I just need to know who is accessing the TG info).

8⃣ This is a great link on contacting the various teams within Amazon. Contact Amazon Support (HT SP).

9⃣ Mentioned multiple times but worth repeating. If your supplier “is cool” and lets you put what you want on the invoice and they will back you up, you can still get in trouble for forged and manipulated invoices. It has to be issued from the suppliers’ system with their invoice number in correct sequence in their format. Anything outside of a supplier issued invoice/document is considered forged. Amazon uses a combination of high tech and low tech (ie – calling the supplier and basic questions) to verify if an invoice is forged or not.

10) If you have a business / new product/idea and would be interested in pitching (for funding) in Ami Magazine’s BizTank, there is one slot available – filming next week. Contact: , call 917-426-4551 or fill out this form BizTank Submission.

Ed Rosenberg – Good Shabbos.


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