Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

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1. Anecdotally, a higher percentage of sellers are passing the virtual interview for unsuitable concerns. The process is still vague and quite awful; ASGTG Powered By AI NYC Seller event is < 3 weeks away. Click To Join. The presentations will be useful for all E-commerce sellers; Some sellers got in trouble for listing branded goods under generic listings.

2. Bizzare “You have a separate account, Retail Vendor account XXXXX that was enforced for violating one of our policies. As a result, you may no longer use the XXXXXX selling account to sell on”

3. IF you have been suspended for non-compliance STC USA is a testing and inspection company in Wayne NJ, and China. We can test your products to the Amazon and Government required regulations combined with outstanding customer service and expert knowledge of Amazon requirements. We can inspect your import shipments in China to ensure the quality of your products. Contact us at 862-229-6388 or Direct Norman Aronowitz – Director North America 201-391-4727 (sponsored)

4. If you are having issues with scheduling a virtual call and calling AH does not solve it, try emailing

5. There are accounts down for bundling policies with no warnings, and Amazon seems unsure how to handle them. If you sell a branded listing with an inconsequential add-on to “own the listing,” they seem to be selectively enforcing this. Communication from the suits has been dismal.

6. “We observed one or more pricing-related communications or activity on your account taken after receiving pricing-related communications. Conduct that harms other sellers, customers, or Amazon, such as colluding with competitors, violates Amazon policies and the law. This includes, but is not limited to, fixing prices, rigging sales, or coordinating inventory with competitors.”

7. “The sale of medical devices (dental cement) which are suitable for professional use only are prohibited on Amazon France (”

8. Some sellers are receiving notices about the need to submit business insurance even though they have a perfectly valid insurance policy on their account. Likely an errant bot.

9. It’s not new but rare. ” Your supplier or supplier’s supplier should have a strong web presence that can be verified through government sources, such as a business or tax registration number, if applicable, or other credible third-party sources such as official brand websites or business directories.”

10. Ex-Amazonian with ED is discussing a new collaboration for high-quality branding with a streamlined process. Watch and Try.

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