Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All

1. There were mass false positive listing closures for items misidentified as plants/seeds. Most were corrected within 24 hours, but there were some lingering issues. On 07/02, the suits acknowledged the error and showed signs of misbehaving less this week; Amazon is simply not showing up on some virtual interviews nor leaving any notifications of why they missed them. The process seems sloppy.

2. ASGTG Powered By AI is four weeks away. Some of the best speakers in the world on AI and E-commerce will be speaking in NYC, including the world-renowned Perry Belcher. All info . Please Join.

3. Have you tried using a Return company only to realize that you just “invested” in another free-for-all? Are you considering bringing returns back in-house? Are fees, refunds, & removals impossible to track? If YES: Returns2Capital. A RADICALLY TRANSPARENT company provides a view of the entire returns process. See used Listings, fees incurred, and every possible reimbursement for Amazon oversight/customer fraud. Or, for a flat fee, we process, match receipts vs. expectation, grade, & return to you. / Whatsapp and click here to start, mention ASTSG for 10% off the first 60 days. (sponsored)

4. Here is why I feel the virtual Video interview is an imbalance for sellers and must be improved; Common sense reforms for Child Safety compliance for legitimate sellers. Some changes were already implemented.

5. Some UPCS purchased from GS1 are not being recognized by Amazon, specifically UPCs starting with 198715.

6. I spoke with Zvi Berman on the overall landscape of Amazon Selling in 2024. If you are a seller, you can speak to Zvi here.

7. There continues to be strange gating issues for various resellers, and approval is difficult or almost impossible even if you buy direct from the brand. Some sellers are exclusive distributors of brands, and even those invoices were not accepted.

8. The choices for counterfeit are still not sufficient to allow for a seller to appeal a bogus RO complaint.

9. Brand Rogaine is causing inauthentic suspensions.

10. From a concerned ASGTG member, “Containers are going to climb to 15k by the time q4 comes around.”

Wishing You A Great Weekend, ED Rosenberg Voice of the Seller


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