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Hello All

1) If you are selling K-cups, please be especially careful that your buying from a good source and can show the item is authentic. I am unsure why, but many sellers of K-cups seem to be randomly accused of selling inauthentic without complaints.

2) Amazon is improving their communication: “We received your plan to address the problems we identified. Please reply to this message after you have implemented all of the remedies outlined in your plan. Also, please provide an updated plan highlighting the proper root cause of these inauthentic complaints and more concrete steps you have taken…”

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4) I spoke with Jason from Worldfirst about selling on Amazon Internationally.

Contact Worldfirst 

5) Amazon is more committed than ever to supporting good and honest sellers. A2Z claims are more winnable as the SOPs seem to have been tweaked to tilt more to sellers than in the past. If there were cases where you did not try because you assumed you would lose, try to make your case, and you can win.

6) New: “We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog: ASIN XXXXX …These products have been identified as brand XXXXX. These products have been removed from Amazon and permanently prohibited. We took this action because of ongoing attempts to manipulate customer reviews for these products.”

7) “As per your email I understand that you wish to reinstate ASIN: I am glad to inform you that our ungating team has considered reinstating this listing. However, you will need to remove the stock that is in our FC and then write back to us with a new case and we will be able to reinstate your ASIN completely.” (HT LM)

8) In the past, Sellers were only able to do Brand Registry in the US if your TM was registered in the US. This has changed. You can do it with an EU registered brand now. That should give you the same amount of protection as a US TM. If you have an Amazon account manager, they can transfer your brand registry from EU to the US (and the other way around).

9) “Thank you for talking with us about your selling account. As we discussed, recent activity on your account violates Amazon’s Community Guidelines and your selling account has been temporarily deactivated. …..
The Amazon’s Community Guidelines prohibit activities such as:
– creating, modifying, or posting reviews or community content regarding your own products or services
– creating, modifying, or posting reviews or community content regarding your competitors’ products or services
– offering compensation, including free or discounted products, in exchange for creating, modifying, or posting reviews or community content”

Good Shabbos, Ed Rosenberg


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