Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All,
1) Amazon VC has in most instances resumed ordering as usual even for resellers. The DF resumed as well. Many Vendors started receiving PO’s on the night of March 11th. “We are writing to confirm we have resumed ordering from your account following a temporary pause. We apologize for any inconvenience. We note that you are not yet enrolled in brand registry. We prefer to source products directly from brand owners, so enrollment in brand registry will be important for vendors going forward.” However, even resellers are getting Pos as of this moment.

2) If you did not sell counterfeit products, did not engage in fraud and you’re suspended over 90 days, Amazon should release funds held. If you forged an invoice for a business reason but the items are authentic, funds should technically be released. Amazon withholding funds unfairly seems to be a growing concern from sellers all over the world.

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4) Interesting: “Hello, We are contacting you as our records show that you may be selling cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery cells, which Amazon defines as an electromechanical unit with high energy density, commonly used in consumer electronics and other items. To ensure safety of our customers, listings for cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery cells, in the sizes listed below, will be removed from Amazon and you will no longer be able to sell these products. We are not accepting applications to sell these products.”

5) From a concerned ASGTG member: “If you do SFP all your listings get priority. Meaning you can get the BuyBox, even if your pricing is more expensive.” (HT Paul B.)

6) “Hello, We removed some of your product detail pages because of a rights owner complaint. The pages we removed are at the end of this email. The rights owner claims that certain metered print cartridges are not eligible for resale, which is indicated on the product packaging. “

7) Vat in Germany. “Sellers received this “Dear Selling Partner,
Your account has been blocked from selling on marketplace, using FBA services in Germany (including Pan-EU and CEE FBA programs) and from shipping orders to German-based customers because your German Tax Certificate was not uploaded and verified by the deadline.

Under German VAT legislation, online marketplaces must collect German Tax Certificate from selling partners selling from locations in Germany or to customers in Germany….This should only suspend your DE account and not the entire EU. If your whole EU account was suspended, appeal for each marketplace, and they should reinstate you. If you’re not liable for VAT, you may be exempt from a Tax certificate. Speak to a TAX expert in DE.

8) It’s here! “The following items you submitted through the Project Zero self-service counterfeit-removal tool were removed from the Amazon store…To retain access to the self-service counterfeit-removal tool, please ensure you maintain high accuracy in your counterfeit removal submissions” (HT Yael C)

9) New: Cool “Brand Dashboard” beta page (HT JB).

10)  ASGTG Deals group listings are now only done by @ASGTGdealsbot to ensure “reason for selling”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


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