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Hello All
1) Amazon account health team has significantly improved with sellers saying they are being helpful in providing real data as to what the issue is and in corrections needed to the POA (HT Amazon). The notice IP teams are in a slump suspending large and experienced sellers for just a few mostly abusive IP complaints. They also are not registering retractions and they seem to be in chaos mode. See last Friday’s RED alert. Many accounts have been reinstated since this alert so things are improving.

2) Amazon is on occasion asking for plans to be sent within 24 hours.
“To reactivate your account, please submit a plan of action that addresses these issues within 24 hours. A valid plan of action should include:

— Greater detail on the root cause(s) of the policy violation.
— Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve the above issues
— Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent the policy
violation going forward.
— Greater detail on how your account has complied with our policy.
— Greater detail on evidence or examples that demonstrate that your account has complied with our policy.”

3) Meny Hoffman, CEO of Ptex Group, is offering ASGTG members a free brand audit. This no-obligation, 30-minute meeting will give private label sellers personalized strategies for leveraging their product brand and maximizing their profits on Amazon and beyond. Click Here to schedule your free Brand Audit or contact

4) New! This was always true but now it’s official. “We can only accept retractions if the rights owner clearly states that they made an error”.

5)  Now for Vendor Central as well. “Your product went through dangerous good (hazmat) review but couldn’t be classified, because it lacks detailed dangerous good (hazmat) information. We need you to provide a proper Safety Data Sheet.”

6) For suspected IP complaints – you can take the initiative, open a case and inform Amazon there is no IP issue and that they should remove it from the dashboard. You may get a positive response depending on the facts.

7) No more buyer information on Amazon order page – “In order to further protect our customers’ personal information, this page does not display the buyer’s name or shipping address.”

8) “With reference to your email, I understand that your concern is regarding to remove the violation which is reflecting on your account health page as your lawyer’s office stating you are in good standings with them and that the items are correct. I have checked it and confirmed that your listing for these ASINs XXXXX have been reinstated and available for sale on Amazon. Please be informed that, even if your listings are reinstated in your account, you may see “Restricted Products Policy Violations” under your “Account Health” as it may take 180 days to refresh the performance dashboard…… You can simply ignore Violation under this section for above mentioned ASINs which are already reinstated. It will not affect your metrics further due to this. “

9) A bunch of sellers are blocked from contacting buyers via messenger and are not able to determine what they did wrong. This bot seems hypersensitive.

10) Jan 15th ASGTG Sellers event ( has been updated with the first 2 confirmed speakers. Juozas Kaziukenas, the head of the marketplace pulse, the author of the article that showed BP and Lakewood to be 1 and 2 zip codes for Amazon Sellers, will be presenting.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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