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Hello All

1️⃣ There was a coordinated effort to leave anti Amazon messages as bad feedback for 3P sellers. Here is why talk of a boycott of Amazon is silly. SP seemed out of it this week, answering very slowly for suspensions. Amazon Poland is coming. This is a kosher TG client and we welcome the many new ASGTG TG members. Please join groups.

2️⃣ SP may be starting to give the REASON / communication of why a RO filed a complaint which is a monumental reform (HT Amazon). “This ASIN depicts a XXXXXXXX product. The brand is XXXXXXXX but the ASIN identifies the brand is “Unknown”. This is false and is likely to cause consumer confusion as to the source of the product.”
ASIN: XXXXXXXX Infringement type: Trademark Product Packaging Complaint ID: XXXXXXXX.”

3️⃣Have ASGTG as your in-house appeals team. We appeal account health dashboard violations for you as they come in for a flat monthly fee, saving you cash & headache. Join our new Monthly Retainer Service. No more filling out forms for each ASIN. (Sponsored) 

4️⃣ “Please perform an analysis into what is driving these concerns and provide us with your findings. Based on your findings, please provide a detailed plan of action that will help prevent additional occurrences. Upon receipt of your plan of action, we will review and make a determination about the status of the ASIN on our site…”

5️⃣ “Hello from Amazon Brand Registry, We are writing to inform you that your application to enroll the brand “XXXXXXXX” in Brand Registry is declined. We reserve the right to decline applications where we have identified that the applicant has been involved in abusive conduct on our websites, or is related to an account that was used for such abusive conduct. “

6️⃣ Funny. Issued before 12/XX/2019 and within 365 days. “Please also make sure that your invoices or receipts are issued within the last 365 days” To reactivate your listings, please send us send additional invoices issued before 12/05/2019 for the items listed above.”

7️⃣ From a concerned ASGTG member: “Sellers have had an issue where stranded inventory cannot be removed from amazon because it has not been processed by the fulfillment center. Amazon won’t allow them to make new shipments because of the stranded inventory (which they have no way of removing). I found that making a fulfillment order for that inventory worked and the system allowed me to send in a new shipment. “

8️⃣ Many sellers received this, even though SP did not update the ASIN’s expiry attributes “We have observed that you recently created ASIN: XXXXX and classified it as a non-expirable product. Based on our review, we have determined that this product is expiration-dated, has an end of shelf life, or loses effectiveness over time. To make sure customers receive items in the best possible condition, we have updated the ASIN’s expiry attributes…. “

9️⃣ Last weeks Soccer Ball Seller was reinstated after the post. Another insane one. 

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 


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