Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

SS has been telling sellers “As mentioned over the telephone the seller performance team is awaiting a plan of action to be able to reinstate your account. They have stated to go ahead and email them at” Those emails have been bouncing back for some sellers. Use email (or both).

To find the order number on a product review left, see this great link – (only on verified reviews obviously) (HT YK)

In my last post I said that negative seller feedback cannot be removed when suspended. I was referring to auto-removal. You can call SS and have them removed that way even when suspended. This is how to see top items in each major category

How to deal with a bad product review. This is great info on a question that seems to be asked a lot Im putting these great links in the group spreadsheet under the misc tab.

The Deals group is a great resource for sellers to unload items they cannot sell for various reasons. Examples; Suspended account; suddenly gated categories / brands, cash flow issues. Please no brokers (Email for TG link) even if the category happens to be restricted. This is what sellers want.

Update on note on Health DashBoard. “Your listings on the following ASINs received complaints due to product safety. The below is a record of all of listings removed due to product safety complaints associated with your account, regardless of their current status. If you think we got it wrong, please appeal and let us know”. Notice this line, “If you think we got it wrong “