Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Amazon sent this message out. “We would like to inform you about a change in our policy in Seller Central. Starting February 15, 2017, all sellers selling in Health and Personal Care category will be required to list the ingredients for all over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements in the Inventory File Template. Additionally, images of ingredients and/or nutritional information listed on product packaging should be uploaded as secondary product images on product detail pages.”

This is important as a lot of sellers sell in these categories and SP has zero tolerance in these categories. Try not list an ingredient which they can pick up as restricted, especially prevalent in the UK (changes in US normally happen before UK so likely will be announced shortly).

2) I spoke to Yoav from BrandShield. A new Israeli Tech company that protects small PL brands on online market places. Discussed with Yoav: a) The importance of protecting your PL brand. b) Is it necessary for small tiny brands?

This service was recommended by a seller for photo editing. They’re offering us the first image free and 20% off our first order. Use code PZ20.

Amazon is changing FBA fees again:
Media fulfillment will cost the same as other items
Zero-fee fulfillment will be eliminated
Fulfillment fees for items less than 1lb will decrease
Fulfillment fees for items more than 1lb will increase
The storage fees for standard-size is increasing by 10c
Q4 storage fees will now begin in October
(HT Chris 4 summary )

Emails on RO emails say contact to dispute the RO complaint and have the RO email to have the complaint rescinded. This is the same email. I’m quite sure they mean to rescind so tell the RO when they withdraw to use both email addresses.

Feedvisor Amazon Professional Sellers Summit in Orlando is Jan16th – 99$ off for ASGTG use code – ORASGTG

 If you see an item on your health dashboard that you have not sold in a long time and is deleted from your inventory – but you never appealed, email SP with your story and ask them to annotate your account. They usually do.

“Please note, we do not accept Commercial invoice/pro-forma invoice/order confirmation/purchasing list/contract document/delivery report as proof of authentication. Please provide invoices for the below listed ASIN(s)” – When they say this, they really just want the word INVOICE on your invoice and nothing else.


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