Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

If you use a virtual machine to access your marketplace account. This link can show your web browser fingerprint. A virtual server is not a dedicated machine, therefore the fingerprint on the canvas size will match between other users using the same server as the server has the same video card that renders the canvas. If it’s a large account, find out if the server is dedicated.

Template emails from SP. If they keep sending the same emails over and over, look closely for any edits they may have made. This is great info when they do that and focus on those edits.

Swish Sourcing was recommended by 2 sellers. They are offering quality control inspections in China for $274.99 for ASGTG members. Email

This from a concerned Lakewood seller. “If you ever order anything from Office Depot, they use a carrier named Dynex. Someone in Dynex may be stealing units. After a full audit I have almost 10k in inventory that was reported as delivered and was never delivered. Lakewood area.”

There are very good paypal spoof emails being sent. They send you a hyperlink to your PayPal history and you log in thinking you’re going to PayPal. Never enter your SS# in these situations. Safest way to see history of a transaction is to log into PayPal and go to history.

Some sellers are saying that Walmart is incorrectly charging commissions on things like electronics and computers. Download your payment reports and make sure everything adds up correctly.”Keyword(s) you have added to the product detail page are in violation of the Misuse of Search and Browse section of our Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions policy. We have removed the problem keyword(s), and ask that you thoroughly review the policy. Continued violations will result in your selling privileges being removed.

Misusing keywords includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Keywords that duplicate information in the product name

  • Inaccurate keywords

  • Irrelevant or unrelated keywords

  • Word or punctuation variants that our search program automatically accounts for

The last line is NEW. Watch out for keyword stuffing and keywords in the title not allowed. More specific info to come.

Lighting Deals are now back to $150.

The review “hack” from last post that allows you to find the Order # of the review left does not work anymore.


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