Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

“We are not planning a free removal promotion prior to February 15, 2017”. This was sent out by Amazon. Feb 15 is when they assess long term storage fees.

Update on feedback Removal: On last post, I mentioned about opening a successful old ticket for a better chance at appealing a denied feedback. A seller mentioned that when you do that, you risk them removing a “removed” feedback. In other words, it’s a double edge sword and you risk feedback already removed, reappearing. (HT Georgene Singletary Harkness)

I spoke to Gary Nealon , E -commerce expert and serial entrepreneur who is reselling his multi channel automation software.

(Discount for ASGTG members)Discussed with Gary:
– 3 Biggest mistakes online businesses make
– Why automation is so important?
– How to Scale from 500k to 20 Million
– 2 core metrics to evaluate your business

This new language in Seller Performance. We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalogue: ASIN: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

**Potentially Prohibited Product**.This product is under review for being a potentially prohibited product against the rule . The review period generally takes 2-4 business days but it may take longer depending on the type of product. Once a product is determined to be permitted, it will be immediately made available for sale. Although Amazon is undertaking this review, sellers are responsible for ensuring that the products they list on comply with all applicable laws. (HT Elena Tudose )

If you are suspended, do not change store name or important information UNLESS you have a reason to do as and your able to explain it. If you get suspended mistakenly for related account after changing credit card information for example, then disconnect yourself by changing your credit card information. Then explain in your POA why you changed your credit card after you were suspended.Be careful when changing phone numbers on your account. This can cause an unintentional link to another seller similar to other major changes on your account.. Don’t change unless you must.


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