Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

“We recently contacted you to ask if XXXXX is or was a politically exposed person. Because you have not provided this information, we are currently unable to complete our review. Thus, you cannot sell”. This perhaps the most unusual suspension I have ever seen. You get a warning though before they suspend you for this.

From Amazon lending “We also require a brief description of your storage and handling procedures for all topical and ingestible products. Please include how the products are kept fresh, as well as any checks or practices you have to ensure products are sent undamaged and within their ‘best by’ date. If you no longer intend to sell any of these types of products on Amazon, please remove all (not just the ASINs listed above) topical, ingestible, and baby-type listings from your store and reply to this email confirming the removal.” Seems like any generic statement will satisfy them here.

The Date for a specific ASIN on the dashboard and on the performance notifications are often different. If you looking for an event (i.e. FAKE!) that triggered the notification, check both dates. I’m unsure the reason for this and likely a glitch. ( was used by a few members of our group. They streamline orders and inventory easily across most channels (API and EDI ). 3rd month free for ASGTG members. I Added to spreadsheet.

Amazon has been increasing the rate of suspensions for related accounts. If it’s an unintentional link, provide as much proof as possible with evidence as if you’re in small claims court that shows how you only have one sellers account.

“Hello, we are still reviewing your account. We will send you an email when we finish the review. We may not reply to further emails about your review.” – it’s best not to bother SP when you see something like this.

If you see an obviously, fraud seller, email link to me and I should be able to get them removed rather quickly.

For professional sports clothing, I’ve seen where Amazon is asking for proof that your licensed to sell the item on Amazon even after your selling this for many years. This is very different then an “inauthentic” complaint. It’s also not a rights owner complaint that initiated from the brand.


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