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Hello All,
1) Less than 24 hours after ASGTG warned about an ongoing Variation abuse crackdown, Amazon suspended thousands of Sellers for “Asin creation policy” with very little explanation. This happened on Friday at around 6:00 PM PST, which led to a mass outcry from within the (ASGTG) seller’s community.
On Wednesday, Amazon reversed course and reinstated most of these sellers. Some of these sellers did have prior listing violations, and some did not. Any suspension surrounding ASIN listing not related to the mass suspensions on Friday afternoon is likely not an error and needs to be handled via the standard POA process. The most important thing is to make sure your variations are created correctly, especially using the right variation. For example, if you select color, the only allowed options are the same item with various colors. If your unsure if a variation is legal, it likely is not. Amazon has to enforce this because many black hat listings are done via illegal variations.

2) This is interesting: “Hello, We’re contacting you about order xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx. We recently learned that an error caused this item to be displayed at an incorrect price. This was our mistake, and we’ll honor the incorrect price for one of the items you ordered. However, we’re unable to honor the price for multiple quantities of this item. Therefore, we’ve adjusted the quantity of your order to 1.
We’re sorry about this. At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced.”

3) Many sellers are complaining that they’re not earning what they should on some products, but they can’t track it correctly. will automatically take care of the complexity of all hidden fees with their powerful QB integration and Dashboard. Schedule a free consultation here to straighten out your numbers, or signup here.  For more information contact via email, WhatsApp, phone 845-751-1600 or Telegram @connectbooksTG. (sponsored)

4) New: “Dear Seller,We noticed multiple cases of your ASINs getting merged into an already existing product in the catalog. Amazon aims to create a good customer experience by providing customers with a single detail page per product. Duplicate entries can be avoided by providing accurate product data.
To learn more about our policy on duplicate product listings and how to avoid them, visit the “ASIN Creation Policy” page in the Seller Central Help”.

5) Amazon has vastly improved its abilities to record items as they are checked into fulfillment. They are much better now in knowing exactly what was received and the exact weight. It will be harder to make inaccurate claims of items that were short received.

6) Bloomberg published an article saying that Amazon is about to purge small Vendor Central accounts and force these sellers to sell 3P. Amazon denied the accuracy of the claims and stated there is no impending purge of smaller VC accounts.

7) Many Amazon reimbursements can only be done for 18 months. NOW is the last chance to reconcile for many lost fees for the 2017 season so please make sure you reconcile your inventory and fees if you have not done so recently.

8) The color alert system was extremely valuable this past week. Please make sure you subscribed to at least one of the major notification channels. ASGTG breaking news alerts are posted on: ASGTG breaking news alerts are posted on: Twitter , FB , LinkedIn , Instagram, and the Down group on TG. To receive RED alerts ONLY via SMS, Text ASGTG911 to 474747.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


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