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1) Many PPE sellers selling generic brands are getting hit with counterfeit RO complaints from China. Apparently, some of the seemingly generic masks and related items do indeed have TMs and cannot be sold. Investigate when you purchase and before you list.

2) “We would like to inform you that, after checking the items in our internal systems and records, I was able to confirm that the items got suppressed due to internal business decisions. The items in question are currently suppressed based on decisions coming from our upper management retail team. These are internal Amazon commercial decisions, and details behind the suppression are completely confidential.”

3) Growth opportunities are ahead in 2020. But, as credit lines get rolled back, and financing companies stop new originations, it’s easy for those with growing Amazon businesses to get frustrated. Payability is open for business to accelerate your growth with next-day Amazon payouts and working capital advances up to $250K. There are no credit checks, 24-hour approvals, and businesses with $100K+/month in sales may qualify for Payability‘s best rates. With over $2.5 Billion of growth capital deployed, Payability remains the largest and most established eCommerce funding solution, so apply today ( and get paid tomorrow. (Sponsored)

4) “As a supplier participating in the Accelerator program that has not yet met Amazon’s Social Responsibility qualifications, we’re writing to inform you that due to the global pandemic (COVID-19) we have temporarily altered our qualification requirements to ensure Amazon does not create any unnecessary burden during this time. Until otherwise noted, Amazon will accept an Amazon self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) in addition to Industry Association Audits (IAA) to determine if sites meet our Supply Chain Standards.”

5) “Hello, We are writing to let you know that your credit or debit card issuer received a report of unauthorized use of your card, and reversed a transaction placed on the Amazon account associated with this email address”. Try to avoid this. It may be smart to use a dedicated business AMEX just for your Amazon account.

6) “This product has been identified as a corrective lens or prescription eyeglasses, which is a prescription use only medical device. Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of prescription lenses and glasses. For more information, please see our Medical Devices and Accessories Help Page.”

7) “We noticed that you have not made a sale in the past 90 days. To avoid additional fees being charged to your balance, your account has been downgraded to the Individual Selling Plan which does not charge a monthly subscription fee. The Individual Selling Plan has per-item and other fees described in the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.” Try to prevent this from happening as you can lose brand and category approvals when you upgrade again.

8) There is an extreme oversupply of PPE products in the market, so please consider that before buying any deal of PPE. There are around 80 deals a day (of all types of items) being posted in the various Deals group on ASGTG so join if you’re not there yet.

9) Mini Prime day in June?

10) Amazon has on occasion been sending this message “Thank you for submitting your appeal. This email address no longer accepts incoming messages and emails,” even when submitting via the appeal button.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller


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