Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ If you are in a time sensitive stressful situation, exhausted all standard & escalation paths and can still not get a serious issue resolved, escalation tweets have been shown to be effective. This format works best. Please remain clear, very kind, & respectful for best results (#workWithUsAmazon).

2️⃣ ASGTG21 prep is in full swing & just 7 weeks away. Looking forward to seeing old and new friends as this is a highlight of the year for Amazon Sellers; The auto gated brands issue from a few weeks ago seems mainly fixed and was a technical issue.

3️⃣ AccrueMe is the highest-rated source of business-friendly growth funding for Amazon Sellers with zero interest, zero fees, and no monthly payment requirements. This week Ed joined AccrueMe’s Co-Founder Don Henig to discuss financing Amazon Sellers and how profitable Amazon Sellers can instantly qualify for $10k-$1M in funding by completing a no-risk funding estimate. Click here to watch the 10 Min video interview and Click here to apply for funding today. For more info contact and tell them ASGTG sent you to qualify for a $500 sign-up bonus. (sponsored)

4️⃣ New! “OR b. Amazon order IDs demonstrating product authenticity; OR c. An authorization letter from the rights owner (cannot be a forwarded email), OR d. A court order finding that your product does not infringe the asserted IP, or that the asserted IP is invalid or unenforceable.”

5️⃣ SeSu 😊 “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, I understand you are contacting regarding UPC XXXXXXX. Please he informs that you are now allow and listed for brand XXXXXXX. Please note you are only permitted to list items in the appeal for 96 hours as this brand is protected on Amazon. Note: Please list the products under the mentioned brand, within 96 hours without any fail. Or else, you could face 5461 error again. We cannot re-approve without genuine reason.”

6️⃣ SP has been calling prior to sending Pesticide’s removal notifications as well as if they determined that you are marking an item as non-pesticides incorrectly. (False, False positive). There have been much more Pesticide mistakes though. SP is trying hard on multiple fronts to improve the situation.

7️⃣ If someone “makes legit invoices” that is not based off a sale you will get suspended for forged invoices. It also substantially hurts the actual supplier whose invoice your fabricating as SP may not accept them in the future so kindly avoid regardless.

8️⃣ Amazon is now offering a brand-only benefit (You need to have BR) that allows you to reach out to buyers who purchased your product from you, who left critical (1–3-star reviews).

9️⃣ There was a related account sweep on June 25th and again on June 30th. Check if the root suspended account was an account you tried to open & never passed verification; eBay compliance continues to be much stricter (#workWithUsEbay) and starting to be close to unreasonable.

🔟 “We have reviewed this case with leadership, and we have determined that the information provided by our investigation specialists is in accordance with our policies and the resolution will stand. Amazon will not be able to make any additional adjustments.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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