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1️⃣ Amazon responded  to the FTC lawsuit, calling it “misguided” and “sellers will be hurt” if successful. They also said “the lawsuit reveals the Commission’s fundamental misunderstanding of retail” and that “The FTC has it backwards “ and vowed to contest the lawsuit. Great vibrant discussion and poll in ASGTG FB .; I spoke to 25 sellers suspended for the unsuitable goods issue and are eager for some communication from the suits but have not received any; ASGTG  10th annual event is Jan 10th.

2️⃣ A seller pointed out that Amazon is now price-matching eBay, which is problematic for many reasons.

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4️⃣ Victorinox is aggressively sending cease and desist letters to legitimate ASGTG sellers, but I think they may just be blowing smoke (let’s see).

5️⃣ There have been problems logging in to accounts due to the OTP code. No SMS is coming.

6️⃣ Some TRO emails have the wrong case. “After our investigation, we determined that you have an unavailable balance due to a legal reserve regarding a temporary restraining order (TRO). Please review the notification sent from or informing you about the TRO related to the Case ID XXXXX. You must contact the Rights Owner directly to settle the dispute. The Payments or the Seller Partner Support teams cannot remove, override, or assist you with this legal reserve.”

7️⃣ If your account is suspended because of low account health rating, the other associated marketplaces do not seem to get affected.

8️⃣ “….involving real or replica government, law. enforcement, security, military or paramilitary badges and uniforms, identification documents, birth certificates, passports, licenses, patches, collars, or tags.”

9️⃣ There is a steady stream of suspensions of all types, including low AH-related issues, related accounts (many bogus), TRO, IP Issues, etc. If your AHR is healthy, but you have issues on the dashboard, please still deal with them, as the account score sometimes does not seem accurate.

🔟 There were reports of FBA shipping being down this week.

Chag Sameach – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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