Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ The INFORM ACT enforcement will kick in next week so please at least start the process; Before you submit all info, please make sure google auto fill does not override the legal entity name. See here ;We started a petition for Amazon to reverse the Small N Light changes Please sign & Share ; There was talk of there being a BB glitch that was fixed this week.

2️⃣ “We appreciate your cooperation on this important matter. Thanks Amazon Product Assurance.”

3️⃣ With over 150,000 sellers and $10 billion in annual sales, Amazon Business is a significant platform for sellers. And now, with Seller Snap’s groundbreaking AI Business Repricer, the process of setting business discounts has been simplified. Our Repricer evaluates business offers and quantity discounts offered by your competitors, and accordingly adjusts your prices to ensure that your offer remains the most competitive for the Business Buy Box. Sign up today for a 15-day free trial. (Sponsored)

4️⃣ If you get an unexpected VAT charge, please see this and the other comments on the post.

5️⃣ The Unsuitable Goods email is also for TP-link. Many have passed the video verification.; As for Ninja / Shark, stay away from intermediaries that source from the west coast.

6️⃣ There are many “damaged Asin complaints” for some reason.

7️⃣ “You are already at the maximum inventory allowed for this product, due to capacity or other restrictions. This product must be removed from this shipment.”

8️⃣ This is possible strict enforcement for fake reviews.

9️⃣ I did a video on Perci, The AI listing tool that now also does auto Seo; I had the wrong link for the ASGTG TG Funnel  (All groups combined)

🔟 Many sellers complained about a massive drop in sales this week.


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