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Hello All

1️⃣ If you use inserts that link to a “Funnel” that incentivizes a positive review (even if the insert does not) you can easily get suspended as it’s not that complicated for SP to go through the funnel and find it (They do and they will). You can simply change the web site to a static page that stops the funnel. “We have determined that you violated Amazon’s customer reviews policy by using inserts, flyers, coupons, brochures, or similar materials included inside or on the product packaging that request a favorable review or rating or offer incentives to post a review or rating”.

2️⃣ “As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible experience for customers, we prohibit from dietary supplements produced by certain manufacturers that have a history of FDA warnings or enforcement actions related to their supplements. For a list of prohibited manufacturers, please see our Help Page. To be considered for reinstatement, please provide a Closeout Letter from the FDA.”

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4️⃣ The massive Shenzhen Tigers (large accounts down for extreme review manipulation) are still out and ASGTG insiders continue to think they will not be reinstated though some in the know have expressed strong disagreement.

5️⃣ “Amazon Business recognizes various diversity, ownership and quality credentials, and most recently, certain federal representations and certifications. With the U.S. federal government’s recent Section 889 regulation, which aims to protect national security and intellectual property by limiting the government’s access to certain equipment or services, federal agencies are asking us to highlight Amazon Business sellers that have completed the Section 889 certification…”

6️⃣ NFL has not approved any (to my knowledge) sellers to resell their authentic products on Amazon despite the lengthy applications; A large amount of ASINS were mysteriously changed to a Nike Shoe image which seems like a black hat attack.

7️⃣ If your Brand Registry approval is declined because of a message saying they have determined some kind of abuse related to the TM – Please check if you have another suspended account on a diff marketplace with some overlapping information. If you unsuspend the related account, the approval may go through.

8️⃣ Walmart: “In response to an industry-wide increase in refund requests for shipments lost after delivery (LAD), we’ve been closely evaluating refund claims in the past few months. Based on our learnings, we’re taking the necessary steps to protect sellers against unauthorized claims where possible and as of next month, we will require customers to wait 2 days after the estimated delivery date (EDD) before submitting a claim.”

9️⃣ Re-approval team decided to change their email to Many Amazon emails were bouncing back the past few days even though SP informed you to email the specific address.

🔟 There is no appeals process for storage limit increases and almost impossible to get an increase out of the automated process. Covid way down in the east coast and we are fully on target for regular ASGTG21.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller


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