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Hello All

1) Lego has gone wild on Amazon filing multiple RO complaints against MANY sellers when they feel they are being infringed. Check for words that violate as well as if the Toy looks and feels like a LEGO branded item. You also need to check the wording on your packaging.

2) “VC cannot change EBC. So if your EBC clearly says your brand name and has a lot of info in it, it will still show on the listing. It is pretty easy to prove it was hijacked. I had this once. and SS changed it right back.” (from a concerned ASGTG member regarding last weeks post about VC hijacking)

3) Interesting bug on this link.

4)  Deals group rules reminder: Please understand the rules which are in the pinned messages.
This group is for distressed goods ONLY.
This group is for wholesale flips.

5) If you get suspended for RO complaints, and they list ASINS you never listed, do not get caught up into that. They likely have many more and for a technical nuisance sent you the wrong ASINS. You need to deal with the complaint TYPE they mentioned. You can also let them know to resend the suspension reason as you never listed those ASINS. They likely will send you a new email of the right complaints.

6) Many brands in the battery industry are hiring brand enforcers to protect their brand making outlandish and ridiculous claims. The brands seem to be hiding behind the brand enforcers saying “its not us – it’s them.” If this happens, you can make the brand aware that your items are authentic – even if their contact information is not on the RO email. Once they know the items do not violate TM and are told they will be held responsible for the abusive RO claim, they seem to know the brand enforcer is filing the complaint suddenly.

7) The legendary Kevin King has once again confirmed for ASGTG 2019 on Jan 30th.

8) “Amazon has identified an issue with Payments reports that were generated between October 25 and October 31. These reports may be missing transactions, and as a result, the deposit amount is higher than the sum of all the transactions. Please note this issue has only impacted settlement reports. Payments to your bank account have not been affected.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg


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