Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello all

1️⃣ Many brands were gated this week for some reason (i.e., Lego, Glossier , Squishmallow ,Disney, Disney Princess, etc.) ; Widespread issues for verification, so best to post your concern here; Suits were pretty nice this week; After successful verification, some sellers received an email to activate their account as if it’s a new account (clearly the language is incorrect).

2️⃣ Many Ninja / Shark products were gated this week and are obviously related to the “unsuitable products” issue. Some sellers were suspended after that video call.

3️⃣ Looking for profitable deals to sell on Amazon? Contact 123 Deals today.

4️⃣ I did a video with some sellers for the EU KYC issue. They are being resolved one by one. It’s a glitch, and the suits are aware of this.

5️⃣ “We are firstly sorry to know that your ASIN XXXXXX is not active, as we do understand how important it is for you to have this ASIN activated. We clearly understand your situation, and this certainly can be quite frustrating especially when you are facing an issue with the activation for ASIN. We also do know that if this ASIN is not active, then it can certainly impact your sales.”

6️⃣ A seller was suspended for ““issuing refunds without sufficient justification” even though he’s enrolled in the CSBA, which means Amazon is issuing the refunds.

7️⃣ “My name is XXXXX and I am a member of the Executive Escalations Department (SP-SEED) Team. Jeff Bezos, Amazon, has received your email and has requested that I respond on his behalf.”

8️⃣ “Due to a recent appeal in regards to your Brand Registry account, we are resurfacing this opportunity to schedule a call regarding the issues flagged in the email dated XXXXX. As noted in the email below, we attempted to re-schedule a missed call but never heard back.”

9️⃣ This is an outstanding escalation by a seller that is trying to get missing returns reimbursed. This can work.

🔟 When trying to list against generic listing – “We have identified that you are attempting to contribute to a restricted generic ASIN on which you have not contributed in the past, such as by trying to change the detail page create or update an offer. You must create a new ASIN by following the process as outlined in our Add a Product tool, to be able to make changes, such as extending this ASIN to a new store, creating a new variation relationship, updating ASIN attributes, or adding offers to sell the product.”

Good Shabbos – Good Yom Tov Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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