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Hello all

1️⃣ At least 4 suppliers have contacted ASGTG leadership that their invoices no longer work (even though they used to work) with the message “unable to verify supplier”. There is no easy path to rectify; 4 weeks from yesterday is ASGTG21. Excitement is building & looking forward to meeting old & new friends. Some false related account suspensions were reinstated with an apology, but many are still suspended.

2️⃣ Some sellers had thousands of ASINS delisted for using UPCs that are not in GS1 for the name brand items used. For example, listing a 2 pack Sony with a speedy bar UPC (that’s not SONY) can get you delisted. This is so far only for very popular brands. If your PL and have old listings with UPC’s not GS1 it has so far not been an issue.

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4️⃣ “We received your appeal to regain access to the Project Zero self-service counterfeit removal tool. While your appeal is pending, we encourage you to submit any reports of potential counterfeit through the Report a Violation tool. Over the next 30 days, we will review the materials you provided with your appeal, and the accuracy of your reports submitted through the Report a Violation tool. If your reports in those 30 days meet the required accuracy rate, then you will be eligible to have your access reinstated. If you do not report potential counterfeits accurately in the Report a Violation tool or do not have the need to use the tool, then your appeal will lapse. If your appeal lapses, you may continue to use the Report a Violation tool to submit any reports of potential counterfeit and we will notify you if you become eligible to access to Project Zero’s self-service counterfeit removal tool in the future.”

5️⃣ The topical approval team shaped up since last week and are being much more responsive, even editing templates and showing some personality. Notice this typo “We quold require additional invoices or receipts that cover your sales in the last 365 days for the items above.”

6️⃣ Many sellers received customer review Policy Violations for items not sold since 2015 and did not appear to be any review manipulation. Product review violations on the dashboard at the ASIN level seem totally inaccurate.

7️⃣ Amazon is calling to tell you about the “Call me Now” feature; The order feed / report was down or lagging on Wednesday.

8️⃣ They changed the language for inauthentic notifications when listing brand name items (even without selling). “We are concerned about the authenticity of some of the items you are listing.” It used to be “May or May not be inauthentic”

9️⃣ Some of the unconfirmed “confirmed counterfeits” were reinstated. Many of the incorrect pesticides restricted products were reinstated in bulk. SP is showing signs of coming out of a recent slump and trying as hard as it can but still in a bit of a funk.

🔟 “Seller Support will no longer cancel FBA orders for our Selling Partners, as Amazon aims to provide an excellent buying experience for all of its customers. That experience has some key differences between products fulfilled by Amazon and merchant-fulfilled products.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 


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