Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds 

Hello All
1) SP has shown in recent weeks some signs of giving more detailed information on what needs to be changed “Hello from Amazon, thank you for the information provided. Would you please update your Detail Page adding the information you mention in your plan of action about the product only being used within the US?“

2) Amazons policy in relation to masks and Covid-19 related items is fluid and will likely adjust based on the seriousness per country and depending on how the story develops. For example, in Italy, this was received “Dear Seller,
You received this message since it came to our attention that you are offering for sale products related to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) emergency at a price much higher than the average during the last weeks before the emergency. As you will know, the alert in Italy is high. In this situation, we invite you to behave in good faith and keep customers’ trust, as well as to comply with the Business Solutions Agreement and Amazon policies, reviewing your offers in line with these principles. Otherwise, we will take any appropriate action, including the removal of your offers and/or of your selling privileges in order to protect customers of our store.” Please be extra careful not to make incorrect medical claims and that the items are not expired. This is likely much more important than “price gouging”.

3) Sellers are struggling with prepping Glass products, some sellers have inventory sitting in Amazon that would like to have them pulled and repacked to sell under a different listing or package count. EZ repacks specializes in packing glass fragile products, such as glass, odd-shaped products, and other complex packaging needs. They have recently expanded their operation with limited available open slots. Visit online and contact / (WhatsApp) 7326669191. (Sponsored)

4) Some ASINS that are blocked and reinstated, are not being allowed to be sent into FBA and are being asked for yet another POA while creating the shipment. No easy path to solve this but you can sell MF.

5) This summer I will host a major Omni Channel ASGTG event to give sellers an opportunity to diversify their E-commerce business with growing and emerging marketplaces. Much more details to follow. Participation is expected from all emerging marketplaces. This will NOT replace the annual Amazon Sellers event Jan.

6) Shocking. Notice the (delete all inventory). They actually tell you what to implement. “We received your plan to address the problems we identified but we are unable to reactivate your account at this time. To reactivate your account, please reply to this message after you have implemented all of the remedies outlined in your plan (delete all inventory).”

7) Amazon seems to be putting in more items into stranded status for various reasons. Please check stranded listings often so you can properly handle them. When you try to fix, it sometimes goes to “Selling Applications” and asks for a POA (HT JB).

8) The Deals Groups now has a Want to buy section for requests to purchase. Please join. The Deals groups have become a vibrant marketplace to safely (especially with optional Escrow) Sell / Purchase and VET various deals and vendors. To receive a daily email of the Deals and “request for goods” posted, please enter your email.

9) SP Bots seem Hypersensitive to anything Safety-related and are sending warnings for safety-related keywords at an alarming rate.

10) Walmart is planning a major fulfillment push for 3p Sellers.


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