Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All,

1. Please be careful that all documents your source provides you with are not forged or manipulated. If you submit a document deemed forged or manipulated, it makes no difference if you did it or your source. If your supplier provides you with a doctored safety document, you will be held responsible.

2. Jeremy Biron, founder of Forecastly is the next confirmed speaker at upcoming ASGTG, Feb 22 event.  (I have an early bird sale for sellers that want to attend with their spouse. Ends Sunday.)

3. “We detected that the listing below has missing serial numbers, therefore, you currently may not sell on” This may come from an RO type complaint.

4. From a concerned ASGTG member:

“ALERT: There is a new scheme by hacking gangs in China where they hack into the factory emails and see when the shipment is and change the address for them to steal it. My father’s company just had a whole shipment from China stolen.”

5. Feedvisor is offering ASGTG members a free analysis of their Amazon sales and traffic report. Also offering 10% off their subscription if they sign up before December 31st this year. To apply click here. 

6. This is rare.

“This product has been identified as a shoplifting device. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on of any type of shoplifting device. For further information, please see our Help Pages on Stolen Property & Lock Picking Devices.” 

7. If you can, please take 2 minutes to fill out this survey on private label packaging/branding.  I will greatly appreciate it.

8.  Interesting!

“Defect found in carton XXXXX. Units have arrived in opaque poly bags. Poly bags are required to be transparent.”

9. Sellers are being cited for listing items they are not approved for. This can happen if posting via a feed or against an ASIN that is listed under a misspelled brand name. Please avoid this.

10. This is now gated.

“You are receiving this message because you are currently offering one or more Hair Care and Beauty Appliance products for sale on Amazon, or you have offered the products for sale in the past.“ 

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos



    How do I reactivate my account?
    To reactivate your selling account, please send us one of the following:
    — An explanation that justifies why you provided documentation which appears to be forged or manipulated; or
    — Evidence that demonstrates that the documents you provided are not forged or manipulated

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