Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds  | July 31 NYC Event

Hello All,

1⃣ Amazon recently started emailing the actual invoices a seller submits for authenticity to the supplier and asks if this was the invoice that was issued. They have done this even for Chinese suppliers.

2⃣ New sellers that start selling branded items will be asked for invoices to prove authenticity even if no complaints are filed. In the past, for customer inauthentic complaints, receipts were sometimes accepted. I feel they are even more strict when they are just probing and assessing a new seller. This puts a serious damper on new sellers that are trying to do retail or online arbitrage. The online order confirmation or store receipts will likely not pass these types of inauthentic suspension.

3⃣ Jonathan (Telegram username: @Jonathan34), is an active ASGTG member, and owner of SourcingMaven. His company can take your product idea from R&D process to completion. China sourcing outsourced. , email: (862)295-1880 (sponsored)

4⃣ “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a reimbursement for shipment XXXXXXXXXX. This is because we have photographic evidence that no FBA shipment labels were placed in this shipment and because the shipment could not be received it was returned to the only logical source of the shipment…..” This relatively NEW.

5⃣ “We are writing about a recent order, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Please do not ship this order. The buyer of this order is not authorized by to make this purchase and is no longer a part of the community. If you have already shipped this order, please contact the carrier to get the order returned to you.” HT SellerEngine

6⃣ “Hello from Amazon Services Europe……”, “Our research shows that the images that meet our image guidelines for Luggage, Jewelry and Watches categories improve the customer experience”…..
“In February 2018, we will start hiding from search and browse Luggage, Jewelry and Watches listings having a prohibited main image with the following defects:
– Blurry or pixelated image or image with jagged edges
– Image with any text, logo, graphics or watermarks shown
– Multiple product views or colors or sizes are shown in image
– Product is shot on/with model (these products must be shot flat)
– Visible mannequin is shown in image
– Packaging or brand or swing tags are shown in image
– Extra propping or accessories are shown in image (which are not sold together with a product)….”

7⃣ Over the new year’s, many sellers did not see orders come in under manage orders. It was just a glitch in displaying the orders, as orders were coming in as usual.

8⃣ “It has recently come to our attention that an FBA shipment contained several empty boxes of product packaging. As a result, your account will be suspended” This can happen if your supplier includes empty cartons and those units are sent to FC. I sense FC are being more attentive to any shipment not arriving with expected qty.

9⃣ If you are using TG on the web, please make sure you have the latest version as it now supports the new pinned message with all the groups and important links.

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos


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